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NetbizSolutions.com is the most reliable, flexible and best source for a Unique Bid Auction portal. NetBizSolutions.com professional development services comes with substantial and relevant experiences in developing Auction portals espiecially in Pay Per Bid Auctions including that of the Unique Bid Auctions. Our strong knowledge in design concepts, innovative technologies and high-tech tools will boost your Unique Bid Auciton Portal site to a more profitable one as compared to other available auction scripts in the market.

Our Unique Bid Auction script has outstanding potential to help you make tons of money online. Why? Well, besides our Entry Script features, we do have available plugins that we can easily add on to your Unique Bid Auction site. We can also be engaged by you to customize develop additonal features based on your requirements, or rather your members' requirements.

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Standard Features in our Unique Bid Auction Script - Entry Level


Attractive looking Visitors and Members panel
Have a look at our Demo and some of our clients' sites that are using our Unqiue Bid Auction script, and you will understand why. Generally Our Entry package allows cosmetic customization based on your preferences.

Eye-Catching Intro Flash
If you set the eye-catching Intro Flash to run, the large sized flash on your Index or Home page is bound to stop any tire-kickers from skipping your site. First time visitors will stop here are start browsing into your internal pages with burning curiousity to find out more!

Featured Live Auction
Instead of the Flash Intro, you can choose to feature one of your live auctions on your top part of your site's Home page

Neat Ajax Bidding window
When a member bids, the Ajax window pops up nicely for the member to bid. Its real neat so you got to try to see it for yourself!

Horizontal and Veritical News tickers
The news tickers not only serves to allow visitors and members to access news pages, but the fact that the news tickers marques, the news tickers also attracts site visitors to read further.

Categories for your Live Auctions
Expandable and collapsable Categories of live Auctions, allow visitors and members to focus on auction genries they prefer.

All Bids Tab page so results are open for Won Auctions
Won Auctions' All Bids Tab page, allows all bids to be shown publicly.

Members can Range bid
Members are allowed to input a range of bids at one go. System will valid the input accordingly. thsi allows the Live aucitons to close faster and for you to make more money faster!

Timer based Lowest Unique Bid Auctions
You choose either to have Required Bids Qty based Auctions, with or without countdown timer. To some, the countdown timer would make the auction site look more interesting!

Algo to select winning bidder if there is no Lowest Unique Bid
In the event there are no Unique bids, our system still can select a winner based on a alternate winner selection algorithm.

and much more features...
you have to preview our demo to see what other features our script has instore for the webmaster...


Categories Management
You as the Admin get to create and manage all the categories that you would like your live aucitons to be listed in.

Products Management
Create killer great products for your auction site. You can upload up to 4 thumbnails per product. Powerful WYSIWYG editor to insert the description. Edit your products details anytime!

Members Management
Edit, Preview, and even suspend members

BidBucks Pax Management
Create and Edit the Bid Pax that your site members can buy

Auctions Management
Create and Manage the Auctions that go live on your site. You can control the statuses of your auctions. Even when you cancel an auction, the accepted bids will be refunded back to the members. You have the flexibilty to edit the Payment status of all the Won Auctions too!

Featured Live auction controls
As part of the Auctions management, you can also choose to feature a live auction on the Intro Flash area of the home page!

Manually Transact Bids
Credit or Debit any member's Available Bids Accounts manually

Auction Reports
Auction listing reports based "By Product", "By Members signup", "Financial"

CMS, using WYSIWYG editors
Using a powerful WYSIWYG editor, you can edit the frontend pages' content easily. Content as in the text, images and even links!

Newsletter Management
Its important to send out newsletters regularly to your members. This will help keep active members stay active and also convert some inactive members to become active. With the Newletter management system, you create newsletter files using the WYSIWYG editor, preview the newsletters then blast the newsletter out to your members!

Some Settings
Some important settings are accessible in the Admn panel. they include your paypal account ID, Meta Tags in all your frint end pages, and also the Admin profile settings.

More Information

Note that your purchase of our Unqiue Bid Auction script - Entry Level comes with
a) our layout customization based on your preferences.
b) our system setup and integration to your selected host.
c) 1 to 2 day complete training for your administrator, so he/she will be able to manage the site.
d) 3 months free maintainence support of our Unque Bid Auction Entry script.

Our motto and focus is to deliver quality web development service targeted to boost your company's online presence and image. We also offer extensive consultation to not only understand your needs but also feedback with our technical expertise and ideas so to be implemented in the web designing and development process. Our development team will transform your visions and goals into your company website so inspiring your web prospects to ultimately become your site's repeat paying members!

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Our web designing team experts are able to cover all sorts of web sites. They could range from any type of sites such as
Auction sites and portals,
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Our web designing is backed up by our programming and software development capabilities in PHP, ASP, Javascipt and others. Our programming team can provide development more than the following application components;
Database integration and management,
Members and admin login panel,
Product and Category Directory management,
Ecommerce integration,
Emailing systems,
Streaming Video,
Flash animation,
And many other customized programming...

Don't forget that Netbizsolutions is also an Internet Advertising Consultancy. We know your company site needs the exposure to targeted visitors that can be converted by your site to long term clients. That is why, we are armed with different Internet Advertising techniques such as effective Directory Submissions, Search Engine Optimization and others!

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