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Screenshot of NBSgallery, Website Design tools

NBSgallery (v1.0) - showcases your images brilliantly!

As software products go, NBSgallery is one product that can help you manage your images and photographs in the best possible manner on your website. The software is free to download and is based on jQuery. This means that images can be viewed on tablets and mobile devices. The usage of this software is relatively simple. All you have to do is upload images to a folder titled "Gallery? The system will then take over and display thumbnails of all images in this folder. When a visitor clicks on you website, he will be able to see these thumbnails and see the bigger image by clicking on any thumbnail. The visitor will also have an option of autoplay mode which will show him all the images without repeated clicking. Alternatively, the visitor can also manually click the 'Next?or 'Previous?arrows to see the images.

The advantages of NBSgallery are plenty and will allow you to undertake actions like adding captions to the images, right size the thumbnails, sorting the images in alphabetical order and, perhaps most importantly, deliver a better online experience for the visitors to your website.

It is easy to use and install. Use this NBSgallery as many times as you want on all your websites so they will be more appealing and attractive as a whole. With NBSgallery, your visitors will have a better and more interactive online experience. The better their experience, the more often they will return and the more popular your site will become!

Download the NBSgallery for Free now!
Screenshot of NBSslideshow, Website Design tools

NBSslideshow (v1.0) - Its time your website gets a face lift!

In the crowded world of the Internet, you can help your website stand apart with the use of NBSslideshow 1.0. This system is easy to install and can help in managing your photographs or images in such a way as to rotate them on your website. As each photograph or image fades in and out, there is also a navigation menu displayed below each of them. It gives the viewer the flexibility to choose the image he wants to see. The NBSslideshow is different from the conventional Flash mode, so this means that a visitor can look at your website through the use of mobile devices as well and enjoy the speed of your website.

The flexibility of the installation will enable the use of aspects like the speed of the transition of the images, the size or dimension of the slideshow canvas and the display of the navigation menu too. By giving the images captions, you can also sort them alphabetically.

Its easy to use and install as many times as you want on all your websites. Have fun!

Download the NBSslideshow for Free now!
Screenshot of NBSCaptcha, Website Design tools

NBSCaptcha (v1.0) - Stop SPAM now!

There is nothing as irritating as spam and with this free Captcha script, you can help bar spam from your website. NBSCaptcha can be installed on any page that needs the visitors to the website to submit a form of any kind. This script works in two steps. It freezes the 'form submit?button and necessitates the visitors to answer an elemental arithmetic question. Once this answer has been given successfully, the script unfreezes the submit button and the visitor can go ahead. Incorrect answers result in resetting of the question. What makes the NBSCaptcha more reliable and stronger than conventional Captcha scripts is the fact that arithmetic operations are more difficult for bots to detect.

However, the arithmetic is easy to do too ?just a simple question whose answer does not exceed the value of 10. With 4 simple steps, you can install NBSCaptcha and stay spam-free.

Instructions are in the README file. Screenshot of the Captcha script on the right.

Download the NBSCaptcha script now!