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Having your site ranked high in the Major Search Engines is undoubtedly one of the most important Search Engine Marketing strategies. It should be for yours too. Search Engine traffic espiecially that of Google's is highly targetted meaning the leads and prospects that you get from these natural search listings on the relevant keywords and keyphrases are potentially your ready customers.

Our SEO (a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization) packages will be customized and quoted to your site's needs. The process includes us analysing the relevant keywords, calculating the man-hours and technical costs needed to push your site listings up on to the first results page for the relevant keywords. Currently some of our SEO packages comes with "full money back guarantee". Let us send you a free quote for our effective and long term SEO packages.

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Our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Strategy

Let SEO marry with your Google Adwords campaign and your site will be "Blessed"!

Implicitly, market your website with Google Adwords initally, track your conversions and you will analytically gather the results on which relevant keywords are the best performers for your web business. Utilize these Google Adwords conversion results to make a more confident and intellectual decision on which effective keywords to SEO target. Afterall, SEO is a long term effort which if spent on is not easy to alter your SEO directions.

As your site reaches the desired rankings in the targetted keyword(s) search natural listings, it does not mean that you need to stop your Google Adwords campaigning. We need to realize that having attained both Top Rankings in the Natural listings as well as the Google Adwords at the same time would mean gaining more traffic for your site accumulatively. Yes, though both adverts are on the same page, these is a portion of the overall traffic in the search engine results page that do not overlap; meaning, there are some searchers who specifically look at the Google Adwords Adverts but do not read the natural listings. Afterall, having both ads would mean greater exposure area on the search results page.

Remember, having to dominate SEO and Google Adwords for your targeted keywords is only the first stage of success. We need to hold these desired rankings over long periods of time and into the future, hence our SEM strategies need to have long term ranking targets from the start.

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Find Out What Are Blue Hat And Green Hat SEO

Lots of people ask what are Blue Hat and Green Hat SEO(Search Engine Optimization), but fail to get good real answers or feedbacks. For the sake of being informative, lets dive in and use this article to answer this innovative and possibly creative question. Although that these are actually not new terms in the realm of Search Engine Optimization, not many entrepreneurs or internet consultants actually heard of them. Therefore please read on this article with an open mind.

To be serious, most people only heard of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat implies Search engine Optimization technics that are deemed to be legitimate and properly acceptable in the eyes of the major search engines. Black Hat SEO on the other hand are bad SEO practices which are generally not accepted by the Search Engines so can result in the possible blacklisting of your site from being listed on the concerned search engines.

Now besides Black and White Hat, many other colours of SEO Hats have spawned. This includes Orange, Pink, Blue, Green and even Red Hat. All of them have their own purposes and focuses. Not to get confused with so many hats, lets discuss more on the nature of Blue and Green Hats since they are amongst the more popular emerging ones besides that of White and Black Hats.

First lets discuss on blue Hat. This Blue Hat concept emerged from the fact that for increasing number of keywords in the search engines, competition is getting more and more stiff. This is natural as for some keywords, there are more and more queries made by search engine visitors. Once there are more traffic for these keywords, there would be naturally more websites that would use White Hat SEO to compete. For them, White Hat techniques is no longer good enough hence Blue Hat SEO was born.

According to Google Adwords Learning center, Google uses more than 200 ranking algorithm, to decide which website gets listed or ranked first in their SERPs (Search Engine Results pages). Therefore we can assume Blue Hat SEO technics are methods that covers more effective yet uncommon technics not well covered by White Hat SEO. In short SEO experts use Blue Hat as a more powerful technic where White Hat is not effective enough. So what are precisely these Blue Hat SEO technics?

We won't be able to cover all of them here but to summarize a few of them, one important point covered by Blue Hat SEO is the idea of Quality Article Spinning. Another is to develop free downloadable softwares and to submit your download page to software directories. Another important Blue Hat technique is Link Trains as well as Link Wheels. Blog Reviews are sometimes discussed by Blue Hat SEO experts. Don't misinterpret and claim that Blue Hat is Black Hat. It is not, cause these Blue Hat techniques are still considered legitimate by the Search Engines.

Green Hat SEO however covers another different aspect on SEO. It focuses more on achieving Pagerank juice from authority sites. Backlinks from Authority sites are effective in Boosting SE rankings cause authority sites don't just have high Pagerank but they are very well indexed by Search Engine spiders. In depth Green Hat discussions talk about how to achieve these authority site backlinks effectively and how to distribute this unique Pagerank juice effectively onto your website so to get the best results for this effort.

With more and more SEO awareness increasing amongst webmasters, website owners and entrepreneurs, it is unavoidable that its gets competitive to try to get onto the first page of Major search engines. This is especially the case for popular keywords that have increasing traffic. In conclusion, it will be worthwhile for anyone wanting to achieve more sales-leads from search engines, to pickup the essential technics of Blue and Green Hat SEO.