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Some Of Our Testimonials

"The operations training for our site system was resourceful, clear and straight to the point. Thank you NetBizSolutions!"

(Puan Roziah - www.Bimbsec.com.my - BIMB Securities Sdn Bhd)

"...We also need to add that the training was excellent. Eugene covered not†just the operations of the system but also Internet Advertising on Google and Facebook. In fact we made our first online sales¬†within the first week."

(Mr. James Chavis and Ms Tracey - www.Bid2Travel.com.au)

"Very useful. I am clear on how to manage the backend of the webpage. Good to go through every function."(Ms.KaiXin)

"I'm very satisfy the training workshop provided by Eugene which is clear and simple to understand. I'm getting more understand & knowledge about the backend of website and e-commerce."(Ms.Lee Lok Wei)

"...Useful concept/tips to manage a website and good knowledge to explore myself. Hope can spend more time on practical training."(Ms.Kathy Lo)

(www.netturul.com.sg - Netturul Sdn. Bhd.)

"This training has been a whole new experience to me as I never administered any website before this. The training was easy to understand and the admin site was easy to control. Trainer is also well-versed on the subject." (Ms Aizatul Akmar Abu Talib)

"Good and quite easy to understand"(Mr. Gopinath Pillai)

(www.faberfacilities.com.my - Faber Facilities Sdn Bhd)

"...have engaged NetBizSolutions for many years now...NetBizSolutions , a high tech and professional development team. ...highly recommended ..."

(Mr. Chang - www.BidAsia.net - Bid Resources Sdn. Bhd.)

".NetBizSolutions great company, really good customer service and speedy after sales service. The people there really care and go the extra yard for you...have been recommending Netbizsolutions.com to friends and other business collegues...

(Nike - www.ibuyhomes.co.uk)

".Real Outstanding! NetbizSolutions goes the extra mile to provide sincere and great services to help redevelop my existing company website. I also do find that NetBizSolutions team is technically equipped to handle my site's challenging requirements. Do keep up the good work, NetbizSolutions!"

(Ms Mayee - www.MyFairLady.com.my - MyFairLady Florist Sdn Bhd)

"NetbizSolutions being located in KL has not been an issue for us. NetBizSolutions' services and Technology still out-performs other Singapore-based web developers and designers. NetBizSolutions has been friendly and quick to meet our website requirements and needs. I do highly recommend NetBizSolutions' great yet affordable services to others here in Singapore and abroad."

(Mr. Celeste Tan - www.fotowerke.com.sg)

"We are very happy with the response from the Google Adwords as many enquiries are coming in from that channel."

(Ms Yong - www.DeluxeMelody.com - Deluxe Melody Sdn. Bhd.)

"...NetBizSolutions' delivery was swift and professional. Thier Internet Advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook was so effective that we recieved more than 5000 members in 1 month. Sales of our bidpax exceeded our expectations. "

(Caroline - www.HotDealsGenie.com.my - MyGenie Sdn. Bhd.)

"The NetBizSolutions Team has provided great technical and programming skills to handle the challenging work needed for my auction portal. The provided Admin tools such as the CMS and Records Management systems are powerful. The design concepts are slick. Keep us the good work."

(Ms Adelin Gan - www.URE.com.my - URE Industries Sdn. Bhd.)

"Backend is user friendly and clear explanation each section. It is better if include a simple video on how to navigate through each step on youtube (After training)."

(Ms Lisa Lim - APSSA, c/o Student Affairs Office.)