ACE360 upgrade to version 7 - June 1, 2013

We have upgraded our ACE360 upgrade to version 7. More and more fantastic feature is adding to ACE360 to make client easy to manage their website.

Facebook Apps Development - Mar 23, 2013

We have upgraded our Facebook "Fan-Gating" app to a "Fan-Builder" app. Our existing and new client subscribers of our app now can enjoy this new Facebook App of ours to catapult their efforts in gathering even more Facebook Fans at a much faster pace.

Mobile App for Our Content Management System framework, ACE360 - May 10, 2013

Our long awaited Mobile Apps is now ready to be ordered by our CMS, ACE360 users. Powerful and effective features come with News and Product updates to the Mobile App subscribers. Find out more from our Web Consultants!

Google Adwords new Strategy implimented - Feb 2, 2013

We are now applying a new and effective Google adwords Keyword Match strategy for all our adwords clients. Application is effective for clients after the trial stage. This strategy effectively boosts QS score of keywords in all keyword match types. this new strategy also isolate keyword match types that are less converting. We are also able to easily identify new keywords related to adwords client competitors' brands.

Site Design Revamped - 1st Oct 2012

Revamped our site Design and feel. Anticipating higher conversions following increased incoming prospects and engaging followups.

Free Web Tools for your download - May 27th, 2012

Resourceful web tools for your FREE download at our new Tools page page. We being n this web development and web design industry for a while now, we now that the listed complementary tools will be useful for you. Installation Readme documents are in thier respective files.

"Killer Tips to 10K Responsive Facebook Fans in 10 weeks" - Feb 30th, 2012

Killer Tips to 10K Responsive Facebook Fans in 10 Weeks

We have released this FREE eReport titled "Killer Tips to 10K Responsive Facebook Fans in 10 Weeks" to help readers and netrepeuners gain more targetted traffic espiecially from thier Facebook Fanship. Get download your FREE copy by linking our Facebook page at !

Achieved Google Adwords Certified Individual status - Oct 24th, 2011

Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords Marketing

Passed the Google Adwords Certification Fundamental and Advanced exams with flying colours. With the Google Adwords Certified Individual status, we hope to attain more Google Adwords Management clients. We continue to strive and aim for the Partner Status.

Slideshow development, less on Flash - Feb 27th, 2011

The increasing number Apple ipad users is raising our designers' and developers' eyebrows. The concern here is that Flash can't be viewed on the browsers in the popular tablet. So we now discourage our clients from ordering the Flash Intro although it animates very smoothly. Instead we introduce to them our slideshow development. The javascripted slideshow cqan be seen in most if not all browsers including that in the apple ipad. Although the animation is not as good as Flash but it comes close. The beauty of the slideshow is that it allows our client admin to be able to have good control over the images such as being able to add/remove the images, decide the type of transition as well as its speed. Our current slideshow users find it tremendeously usely as they find all sorts of creative uses by thier own...

Facebook Business page - Aug 1st, 2011

Our facebook business page is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the many facebook marketing strategies that we have picked up in the past and applying now. We hope to reach our first target of 5,000 fans by this year end.

Facebook apps - Jan 17th, 2011

Check out our Facebook AppStore at These Apps are developed to help any business page grow in popularity and fan-likes!

Unique bid Auction Script - July 4th, 2010

We have now developed the Unique Bid Auction script. Any webmasters who engages us to roll out this script will own a lucrative member based, Unique Bid Auction portal. With such kind of portal, the site owner can make tons of money selling any type of products or services! Please read about the Features of our Unique Bid Auction Entry script at Unique Bid Auction Script

Please contact us now to request for more info and a Live Demonstration of our Unique Bid Auction Script - Entry Level

Google Adwords Management Service - August 10th, 2009

We are now going full swing to help our interested clients in managing thier Google Adwords Account. Here is some info about Google Adwords which you should be interested in. It will boost your online sales tremendously.

Summary Advantages of Google Adwords

  • Quality - Very targeted traffic from Google Search; The right people searching for your products and services.
  • Flexible - change, add or delete keywords to advertise.
  • Fast - see your adverts in a few hours after set up.
  • Geo-targeting control - can select country(ies) to target.
  • Budget - daily budget control.
  • Reporting - live reports help you twitch your campaigns accordingly.

Please contact us for more detials on our Google Adwords Management Service

FCK, SPAW & TinyMCE editors - July 1st, 2009

We have acquired the commercial license for the powerful SPAW editor. Any client whom wants to integrate this editor to thier backend such as Administrator Panel can contact us for installation. This Powerful editor allows you the user to insert text, images and others to any of your web pages with ease and confidence. With this editor, you have full power to make live changes to your site anytime. Imagine the cost savings you gain over these self-changes instead of having web designers to make the changes for you.

Sample of the customized SPAW editor :

website design, web design, web designers in Malaysia

Team Expansion - Sept 1st, 2008

Our recent Online advertising has been effective and we now have more jobs coming in. To cope with the higher influx of clients, we now have expanded to 2 Web designers (both with more than 5 years experience), 2 PHP programmers(one with MAsters and other with PHD) , 1 administrator, 1 project manager, 1 QA. We hope to expand even further to to meet our clients increasing needs.

Certified Ecommerce Consultant- Jan 31st, 2008

web site design, Malaysia web site design website design, Malaysia website design

Another honourable certification recieved.

Eugene Yeng Google Query exceeds 1 million - Oct 2nd, 2007

Do a Query search for Eugene Yeng and results exceeds 1 million. First page results yields all sites and pages related to our Eugene Yeng.

Search Engine Optimization - Feb 27th, 2007

Embracing Blue and Green Hat SEO, we continue researching and testing our found SEO methodologies before we impliment them on our client sites. So far, results has been astounding. Our SEO strategy suggests that we exploit some of the Google Adwords conversion tracking results, to help decide which keywords to recommend our SEO clients. On top of that, having the right mix of Blue and Green SEO technics is vital to attaining the top rankings organically, and in the shortest possible time. Retainance (maintaining the top spots for long period of time) is also a crucial consideration.

Read more about or SEO services in our services and SEO pages.

Catalogue-Extreme - April 27th, 2006

latest and innovative Content Management Solution

It is our honour to present to you one of our latest and innovative Content Management Solution Package. This utility allows our web clients to host thier product catalogue which will nicely integrate with thier individual cooperate websites. With it, they are able to maintain thier product catalogue with ease even without HTML knowledge. Even better, our clients can store to 1000 or more product details and images. These serves as a low cost solutions to our clients' Web Content Management needs. Check out now!

We are Ranked Top "Internet Advertising Consultancy"! - Jan 2nd, 2006

We are Ranked for

Google, and other major search engines have ranked Top 1 for "Internet Advertising Consultancy" as well as "Internet Guru" out of millions of other consultancies. We also have high standings for "Website Design" and "Web Designer" in

Our Managing Director Eugene Yeng is also ranked Top 10 "Internet Advertising Guru" by Yahoo and MSN. soft launch - Dec 8th, 2005 soft launch

Despite the fact that has been listed top rankings in the major search engines for popular keywords like 'Asian Furniture'. It is until today that the site has its soft launch. This is because the back end script has been created in this period to enable a powerful interface between the prospective buyer, the advertiser , our resellers and the admisistration. With this new powerful script, we are sure that both the prospective asian furniture buyer as well as our asian furniture exporters will get not only effective marketing tools but more value for thier money. We are confident that there will soon be an increase in activity on this powerful Asian Furniture B2B and B2C portal.

Golden Web awards - Feb 2nd, 2003

internet guru, Golden Web Awards

Recieved the prestigeous Golden Web Award which is awarded by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers.