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"Killer Tips to 10K Responsive Facebook Fans in 10 weeks" - Feb 30th, 2012

Killer Tips to 10K Responsive Facebook Fans in 10 Weeks

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Killer Internet Cashflow Strategies

  • Looking to be self-employed and make lots of money from the Internet at home?
  • Searching for Internet oppurtunities to generate everlasting passive income?
  • Searching to build Killer Cash-generating website?
  • Looking for killer products or services to sell online?
  • Trying to learn ways to get hungry cutomers that will pay you at your online store?
  • Eager to learn how to make tons of money even without having your own website?
  • Looking for high tech tools to automate marketing?
  • Eager to adopt the Internet success mindset?
  • Looking for Internet marketing strategies that only Internet Guru use?
  • Searching for positive cashflow strategies?


In the many years as an electronics engineer, a marketing executive director and internet advertising consultant, the question I have been most frequently asked about the Internet would probably be, “Do people really make money on the World Wide Web?”. With certainty, I will always reply, “Yes, definitely!”. The fact is that there are more millionaires spawned from the Internet than any other business fields today. Sometimes this question is then accompanied by the next common question, “How then does anyone succeed to make lots of money using the Internet?”. Well, it is not that I cannot answer this question but rather it would be difficult for me to give a plain one-sentence answer. The Internet is ever-changing and requires the opportunity-seeker many elements and factors to be successful. As there is currently a growing need to know what the ingredients to online success are , I decided to write this simple yet informative guide-book for those who have this need.

Armed with the unique blend of engineering and marketing experiences, I boldly stepped into Internet Marketing and Advertising as a free lancer and an online Internet advertising Consultant in 2001. Since then, I have already established a few successful advertising portals. These and other several online business opportunities have been my main respectable revenue streams. I now have my own online utilities such as my own toolbar program and search engine where there are thousands of users. Even renowned search engines like Google will pay me thousands of Ringgit for delivering them search traffic. I have been expanding my empire of websites, developing new marketing systems and exploring for more online income-generating opportunities that by the time of writing my total monthly income has easily exceeded five figures in Ringgit. I have also been awarded the prestigious “Golden Web Awards” by the International Association of Web Masters and Designers.

I wrote this book as I have developed a passion for the Internet. Combining my passion, my experiences and knowledge, this book will serve as a good guide to those who seek an easier way to online success. Being successful online is not an easy thing as there are many pitfalls and risks involved. By reading this book, newbies can avoid years of frustrating trials and errors which they will go through  if they go head-on venturing the World Wide Web unprepared. This book not only can help the reader to avoid some of these risks but also to help them understand some useful internet strategies that can be used to attain the desired streams of income. This book covers different aspects of Internet Marketing and Advertising; from what products or services to market to how to advertise your site. In general, this book will be useful for :

  1. individuals who have minimal Internet experience but want to make money from the Internet;
  2. entrepreneurs who want to realize their ideas to financial opportunities on the Internet;
  3. home workers who want to capitalize on the benefits of SOHO (small office , home office);
  4. businesses that already have a marketable product offline and now want to market it successfully online;
  5. companies which are already marketing  products online but want to elevate their brand name even further.

Please keep an open mind when reading this book. There will be concepts that may be new and innovative to you but there will also be simple ones that have proven to be useful when applied on the World Wide Web. Sometimes simple ideas tend to be taken for granted. Either way, the concepts emphasized in this book have been proven to work. However, theory is an aspect which will only work when applied so that you can experience hands on how these concepts, ideas and strategies will work for you. You will also learn to recognize that the Internet is so volatile, and that it changes all the time. Hence, you will need to be introspective when recognizing which concepts will be useful in the long run. There are many references, links and resources in this book to different technologies. Bear in mind that while some of them will stay useful for a long time, some may go out of date later as the internet continues to evolve.

Lastly, I believe that the Internet is one of the best communication tools ever created. With its presence, the world has shrunk to where it is so simple and cheap now to communicate and establish different business relationships with so many distant individuals and entities in a very short time. If you fail to utilize this new phenomenon, it would only be your loss.

As you explore the World Wide Web, do so optimistically. Have fun while you reap in the new experiences and new relationships. Keep to your vision and ultimately your persistence will be rewarded in more ways than what you can imagine!

Eugene Yeng\Internet Advertising Consultant,

Managing Director,

NetBiz Solutions Services.



Chapter One : It Really Rains Money!

Chapter Two : Benefits of Making Money Online from Home

1. To gain personal freedom
2. To reap financial benefits
3. To reduce work stress
4. To enhance family togetherness
5. To attain job security
6. To attain job enrichment and career enhancement
7. To get competitive advantage and increased productivity

Chapter Three : Different Ways to Make Money Online

1. Selling your own physical products
2. Selling your own virtual products and services
3. Selling Internet traffic and leads
4. Providing services and information through memberships
5. Selling products and services for others through affiliate programs
6. Being an Internet traffic publisher
7. Get Paid To programs
8. Investments
9. Buying and selling domains and websites

Chapter Four : Get Ready to be a Netrepreneur!

Chapter Five : Your Own Website for Your Own Products

1. What to sell online?
2. Physical products vs. Virtual products
3. Market trends
4. Follow your interest and passion

Chapter Six : Your Website Domain and Hosting

1. Domain URL
2. Check-listing the right web hosting company

Chapter Seven : Designing Your Website

1. Design programming
2. Navigation and theme
3. What pages to include?
4. Consumers rule the Internet, not websites
5. Compelling sales copywriting
6. Take online payments
7. Website design and customization by NetBizAsia

Chapter Eight : Fusion Branding on the WWW

1. Developing your brand with great content
2. Customer relationship is king
3. Building a community
4. Your ultimate Pot of Gold

Chapter Nine : Driving Traffic to Your Online Store

1. Press Release
2. Email marketing
3. Classified Ads
4. Safelists
5. Purchase of Leads
6. FFAs and Adboards
7. IP messengers and Message Blasters
8. Traffic exchanges
9. Get Paid To programs
10. Ad-coops
11. Guaranteed signups
12. Synergic Traffic Generation programs
13. Exchanging links
14. Text Link advertising
15. Spidering Search Engines
16. Directories and Paid Inclusion
17. Submitters
18. Pay Per Click Search Engines
19. Niche Directories and Top lists
20. Auctions
21. Testimonials and articles
22. Blogging
23. Offline advertisements
24. NetBizAsia by NetBiz Solutions Services

Chapter Ten : Internet Financial Intelligence

1. Watch your Cashflow
2. Track your sales, results and profits
3. Invest for compounding returns

Chapter Eleven : Your Own Affiliate Programs

1. Advantages of having your own affiliate programs
2. Setting up
3. Searching for the super affiliates

Chapter Twelve : Making Money Online Even Without Having Your Own Products

1. Should you join affiliate programs?
2. Choosing the right affiliate programs
3. Sources of affiliate programs
4. Being a successful affiliate

Chapter Thirteen : The Winning Mindset to Online Success


Appendix A : The Internet Revolution and its Future

Appendix B : Glossary


"Killer Internet Cashflow Strategies" has given me a good perspective of the World Wide Web. I am now more receptive to online business opportunities. Thank you Eugene. No wonder you are always coming up with new developments and making tons of money with the Internet!

Vincent Goh
Managing director

You really know how to get people addicted to making money using the Internet. I tell you, I am an expert in Website designing but I hail you for being an Internet Consultant. The info in your book has widened my team's knowledge on Internet marketing and advertising. Keep up the excellent work, Eugene!

Yap Choon Chaw

Great job Eugene! I have not quite finished reading the book yet but I can tell so far that the book is very well written. The details are explained in simple English but the content is discussed in depth. Anyone can follow the details easily. It’s a great book for both newbies and pros alike. There is no way any reader with or without Internet Marketing experience not learn anything new and important from "Killer Internet Cashflow Strategies". I simply can't wait to lay my hands on your next book! Congratulations and thanks.

Zalak Zaveri

I would like to compliment Eugene for creating such a great book. The book is clear, easy to follow and straight to the point. I do recommend this book not to just new webmasters but also to those who want to be successful affiliates. This book marks a new chapter in the Internet evolution! Brilliant work, Eugene!

Terry Tan
Head of Sales

"Killer Internet Cashflow Strategies" is really outstanding. It gives comprehensive and valuable information on Internet marketing. It covers different aspects of building a business online that many people have overlooked. I do recommend this resourceful book to all that want to quicken their journey to internet success.

Danny Choong,
WorldPay.com Malaysia