Professional ecommerce solutions, Affordable e-commerce packages and Effectve e commerce workshops provides a variety of Ecommerce solutions beginning from Conceptual ecommerce and shopping cart development to Search Engine and Social Media Marketing leading to Corporate Identity. is the meeting point of substantial e-commerce experiences and strong knowledge on ecommerce concepts, innovative technologies and Content Management tools.

Our motto and focus is to deliver quality Web Design, ecommerce solutions and ecommerce training workshops (such as Google Adwords Management, Search Engine Optimization and Facebook Marketing) targeted to boost your company's online presence, image and ultimately profitability. We also offer extensive consultation to not only understand your needs but also feedback our technical expertise and ideas so to be implemented in the ecommerce and Internet Marketing process. Our e-commerce development team will transform your visions and goals into your vital company ecommerce website so inspiring your web prospects and site visitors to be your company repeat ecommerce clients!

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  • SOHO

    • Template Design
      ( System under-going revamping )

    • 300+ Search Engine Submissions
    • 300 Facebook International Likes
    • Google Analytics weekly standard reports
    • RM100 Discount 1st year shared hosting
  • SME

    • Customized Design
      ( System under-going revamping )

    • 300+ Search Engine Submissions
    • 300 Facebook International Likes
    • Google Analytics weekly standard reports
    • RM200 Discount 1st year shared hosting
    • Choice of 1 Intro Logo Video:
      first order only

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Some Of Our Testimonials

"The operations training for our site system was resourceful, clear and straight to the point. Thank you NetBizSolutions!"
Puan Roziah - - BIMB Securities Sdn Bhd

".We also need to add that the training was excellent. Eugene covered not just the operations of the system but also Internet Advertising on Google and Facebook. In fact we made our first online sales within the first week."
Mr. James Chavis and Ms Tracey -

".have engaged NetBizSolutions for many years now...NetBizSolutions , a high tech and professional development team. ...highly recommended ..."
Mr. Chang - - Bid Resources Sdn. Bhd.

".NetBizSolutions great company, really good customer service and speedy after sales service. The people there really care and go the extra yard for you...have been recommending to friends and other business collegues...
Nike -
".Real Outstanding! NetbizSolutions goes the extra mile to provide sincere and great services to help redevelop my existing company website. I also do find that NetBizSolutions team is technically equipped to handle my site's challenging requirements. Do keep up the good work, NetbizSolutions!"
Ms Mayee - - MyFairLady Florist Sdn Bhd
"NetbizSolutions being located in KL has not been an issue for us. NetBizSolutions' services and Technology still out-performs other Singapore-based web developers and designers. NetBizSolutions has been friendly and quick to meet our website requirements and needs. I do highly recommend NetBizSolutions' great yet affordable services to others here in Singapore and abroad."
Mr. Celeste Tan -
"We are very happy with the response from the Google Adwords as many enquiries are coming in from that channel."
Ms Yong - - Deluxe Melody Sdn. Bhd.
".NetBizSolutions' delivery was swift and professional. Thier Internet Advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook was so effective that we recieved more than 5000 members in 1 month. Sales of our bidpax exceeded our expectations. "
Caroline - - MyGenie Sdn. Bhd.
"The NetBizSolutions Team has provided great technical and programming skills to handle the challenging work needed for my auction portal. The provided Admin tools such as the CMS and Records Management systems are powerful. The design concepts are slick. Keep us the good work."
Ms Adelin Gan - - URE Industries Sdn. Bhd.

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So why do you need an Ecommerce website Store?

* Get visibility - Future customers can find your company's products and services on the web.
* Add credibility - A website builds trust and gives customers the assurance that you have what it takes for them to do business with you.
* Differentiate your offerings - Show potential customers that your products and services are different from your competitors' and easy to find on your website.
* Impress your customers - Share raving reviews from your customers. Use your website to showcase your expertise and experience.
* Attract and retain customers - How? By knowing your customers. Understand their actions from buying your product or signing up for your service to joining your mailing list. Build customer loyalty through state-of-the-art customer relationship management tools. Most important, regularly update your site with the latest and up to date highly-relevant information, products and services.
* Grow your sales - Open up an additional channel for growth. Use your website to aggressively market your products and services.
* Redirect and minimize support calls - Your website can answer many common questions for your customers. Customers can locate your store, generate a map and driving directions to your store, look up your contact information and receive a free quote. Your customers will feel empowered by finding answers to their questions more quickly and efficiently. This also helps reduce your customer support expenditures, improving your bottom line.
* Enlighten your customers - Provide the educational materials that customers need to make purchase decisions and provide them with the ability to bookmark your site. You know what they need to know - make sure they can easily find this information on your website.
* It pays for itself - Your website pays for itself, often several times over. Your website will sell your products, generate sales leads and save you significant money on customer support costs.

What should your Ecommerce website do for your business?

It can do exactly what you want it to do for your business. You need to determine your goals. What do you want your website to do? It's a critical question. It's okay to accomplish one goal and add capabilities to achieve additional goals over time. Below are examples of goals that you may want to achieve for your business:
* Establish a professional online presence
* Promote your business or brand
* Sell products and services on the web
* Win new customers and retain existing ones
* Gather or provide information, or enable discussion
* Showcase your expertise through a catalog, gallery or portfolio
* Attract and recruit talent
* Promote an event

A Look At Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques For ECommerce Shopping Cart Sites

While it is good to have as many eyeballs as possible on your ecommerce website, it is even better to see them being converted into the sound of money. Converting interested visitors to one's e commerce website into sales is a good way to keep the income going. However, this is not a simple or easy task. It needs the application of the same principles of marketing that a regular shop or business does.

Here are a few things that you can do to improve conversion rates on your shopping site.

Make your site stand out: Website design is a critical component of getting people hooked on to your ecommerce website. The content and the display of products should be enticing enough to get the people to actually buy your products. It is extremely important to make the user's life easy. Having options, like multiple languages, interactive information, easy to navigate content and making it easy for people to look for and add products to shopping carts, are extremely important for successful e-commerce. One of the most important things is multi-language support. For instance, even if a company is an ecommerce Malaysia firm, it will be important for it to be able to support two or three of the more popular international languages.

Certifications and registrations: Certification here refers to getting your website trustworthy by tying up with payment verification systems. This enables people to trust your website with credit card payments or online banking transactions. Registrations should be done away with as much as possible. If your website makes registration compulsory then you may end up turning away a lot of users. If, on the other hand, registration is integral to ecommerce on your website then make it as simple as possible. Making the user go through pages of information to be typed in is not going to get him to buy things from your company!

Display quality: The Internet is a very visual medium and your ecommerce website should make use of this element. From the description of the products to the buttons like "Add to shopping cart" or "Proceed for payment" or "checkout", everything should be easy to find and prominent too. Add as many sub-categories as possible. For instance, if one is shopping for shoes then add options of sifting through shoes across colors, height of heels, material, prices and so on. It is possible to have a greatly successful ecommerce business by thinking like the customer and putting yourself in his shoes. Make it possible to do window shopping and you will see your conversion rates going up.

Communication: It is important for customers to be able to get in touch with you through as many channels as possible. Email, fax and phone - all these should be given on the website. Equally important, you should respond to all communication immediately and effectively. In the Internet world, most people expect a response well within 24 hours or perhaps less. So if a customer calls in then the phone line should be functional and there should be a useful response at the other end.

All these methods will certainly see an enhancement of conversion rates on your shopping cart site.

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