Can We Really Profit From Buying And Selling Domains

With the rise and rise of the Internet, there are plenty of ways to make money online. Whether it is developing web content, search engine optimization, using social networking sites and even online writing - almost every area of business can lend itself to making money online. One of the debates on making money online has been the ¡°domain business¡±. A domain name helps identify the ownership of a resource. It also helps identify a particular company and its products. One of the money spinning activities that the Internet has generated is domain buying and selling. Almost an individual can make money by buying domains and selling it to the highest bidder.

How does the business of domain "trade" work?
Registering a domain name is timebound. This time period or time limit may vary from 1 year to 10 years, but at some point of time the domain will come up for renewal of registration. There are plenty of websites that offer details on such domains that have either been deleted or are facing expiration or have already expired. Normally, renewing or even buying domain names from domain sellers does not cost much. Selling them, however, is likely to get you a huge profit since companies, previous owners of the domain names and people desirous of possessing a particular domain name which has been purchased by you will pay almost anything to get it back.

There has been ferocious debate about the ethical issues involved in such a domain purchase and sale business. Ideally, paying attention to the ethical side of the business is always a good idea, but that is a debate for another day. Right now, here is taking a look at the profitability of the domain business.

How does one make money online by getting into the domain business
It is good to note down and keep track of 2 types of websites when you want to become profitable in the domain business. One type of website will be the ones that offer domain names for sale. The other type will be the ones that tell you what domain names are coming up for registration.

Before snapping up a domain name do some amount of research first about its business viability. For instance, look for keywords pertaining to the website, use Google Adwords and finally, do a simple test of speaking the name of domain out loud a few times. When you speak the domain name in this manner, you will also find out if it conjures up a different meaning when the words are strung together! For instance, a travel company is called 'Choose Spain' which is a great name by itself, but string it together in a '' and you are left wondering whether pain will be a part of your holiday experience!

Check out the kind of traffic that a site has seen before picking up the domain name. It will be more profitable to pick up a domain name which is seeing or has seen a lot of traffic and related appearances in keyword search, or search engine results rather than a name that has not shown up at all.

With a bit of care and street smarts, you can turn a domain sale and purchase trade into a profitable one.

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