Why RSS Is Important For Website Traffic

With over one billion people using the internet website owners have to use all of the resources available in order to get website traffic. The reason why RSS is important to a website owner is because RSS, or really simple syndication, allows website and blog owners to easily send website or blog updates to their subscribers. Website or blog owners can send latest news reports, website updates, or personal commentary, to all of their subscribers with one click of their mouse.

The RSS function is a wonderful way to gain a list of loyal readers. Think of the days before the internet when syndicated columnist built their list of loyal readers by encouraging newspapers to carry their articles. Today a website owner does not have to try to get his articles in the newspaper he has only to publish his articles on line and build a loyal readership from his home computer.

Affiliate marketers can earn a healthy income by using the simple syndication function. For instance the affiliate marketer that promotes scuba diving equipment can write an article a week on scuba diving accessories, scuba diving vacations, or scuba diving equipment reviews. He can then use the articles to promote his affiliate products to his loyal readership.

Really simple syndication can be used to obtain new readers. Subscribers to an RSS feed are able to forward an article to other people who subscribers think would be interested in receiving that website or blog owner's information. The person receiving the forwarded article will be able to subscribe to the RSS feed and will be added to the website or blog owner's readership.

Visitors to a website or blog will be able to add their name to the simple syndication feed with a click of their mouse. It is crucial for all blog and website owners to have an RSS feed function on their site because without one a visitor might never return. But once a visitor does sign up to receive instant updates the website owner can start building a relationship with that visitor.

Really simple syndication is a fast way to increase traffic, build readership, and to promote a website or blog. The RSS function will keep current subscribers returning to a website or blog for more valuable information. The operative word is valuable, if readers believe that the information they receive is not worth their time they will remove their names from the really simple syndication feed.

One way to obtain new subscribers is to submit an RSS feed to an online directory. There are hundreds of on line directories some charge a fee to use and some directories accept free submissions. The advantage of posting to an online directory is that submissions will receive cross over traffic which will help build the website or blog owner's readership base.

It is not easy to get internet users to visit a blog or website and it is harder to get them to return. This is why RSS is important because really simple syndication is a quick and easy way to build a base of loyal subscribers. Internet marketers can use the really simple syndication function to not only build a list of subscribers but to also promote affiliate products using product review articles.

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