Why Black Hat SEO Is Bad And The Different Forms Of It

Many people who are trying to perform SEO for their website may have heard of the term 'Black hat SEO' before, and have wondered what it is, whether or not it works, and what will happen if this person is using techniques that are considered to come under this area. Knowing about these points can help a person to perform better SEO, and avoid unethical search engine optimization. This article looks at why black hat SEO is bad and the different forms of it.

So, what exactly is black-hat? It is generally defined as any method of trying to get higher search engine rankings by techniques that are not considered ethical, and which try to, in some way or other, trick the search pages such as Google's to list the page higher in their listings, and give it a better ranking. Thus, it is a type of marketing which usually employs methods of boosting ones site's ratings by performing online marketing which has no real benefit to people, and tries to trick search bots.

One may be wondering exactly what these techniques are. Well, although there are many techniques that could potentially be labeled as 'black-hat', and some common sense is required, several main methods exist. One such method is the use of hidden text that only the search bots, who go through people's website pages in order to tell what the website is about and thus list it in the correct search pages, can see. This is generally forbidden on all the search pages such as Google, Bing, and so on.

Keyword stuffing is something that can often be considered an unethical way of building a website's status. This is where a person's website contains pages that are tailored extremely to the search engines while trying to appear like genuine pages to people. Usually one will find the same keyword phrase used over and over again, and will generally leave the page rather quickly. However, the intention of people who use this technique is to get higher ratings and not to please readers. This is another method that is generally considered unethical to the online world.

Some people place hidden pages on their websites that cannot be seen by people, but are visible to the search bots. These pages will usually be put there to try and increase a person's page rank in one way or another. As might be expected, these pages are deemed wrong by most people, and the search page companies.

In the short term, black-hat techniques may work, and give a person some success. But, eventually, people using these techniques get found out, and this will usually lead to the website that was using these techniques being banned from all the search pages, which is essentially being wiped off the visible internet.

One may be wondering how he or she can avoid unintentionally using these techniques. One of the best things to do, besides having some common sense, is to look at the standards that are expected on search engines such as Google. These rules can generally be found easily online, and learning such rules and regulations of the internet can help one from getting banned or suspended.

This was just a quick look into the why black hat SEO is bad and the different forms of it. Plenty more can be found on the internet about such methods for anyone who would like to know more.

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