Is It Important To Have A Facebook Business Page?

You may ask why is it important to have a Facebook business page. As a virtually free advertising tool and with more than three hundred and fifty millions users worldwide, this social media website is one that a business owner can definitely benefit from. Long known as a site to connect with friends, old and new, businesses can also take advantage of the numerous tools Facebook has to offer.

Setting up and maintaining an active page can give overwhelming visibility to your company. One hundred million users alone are located in the U. S., half of which log on daily for an average of one hour.

As people share their daily lives with one another, they also recommend links and names of businesses and products that they prefer. The average user holds upwards of a hundred friends. Each of these friends can view the wall posts of their friends' friends, leading to potentially endless traffic for a brand.

These types of interactions also provide an opportunity for companies to improve relationships with current and future customers. No matter what its business is, consumer feedback is essential to the stability and growth of any company. The very essence of Facebook permits its users to easily convey their experiences while allowing the company a direct response.

By tracking feedback on posts and following what customers are saying about products, a company can also acquire a better sense of how their brand is perceived. A further benefit from search engines arises from this. When a user posts a positive status update on a business, it will show up in search results for the name of your product or company.

This leads into an excellent customer acquisition process. Every time a user becomes a fan of a page, it is relayed to all of their friends. The same is true when an individual utilizes the fan box option, a tool that enables visitors to the company's website to become a fan of the brand via Facebook. Many pages have become viral in this way alone.

As fans increase on the page so, too, will traffic to the organization's website or online store. This is where the aforementioned fan box tool can come in handy. Customers already delighted with the brand can immediately and easily refer it without ever leaving the site. Some company owners have estimated that fifty percent of new online customers cited Facebook as their referral.

In addition to the company's website, a business page makes it possible to create awareness for the brand. It can enable businesses to expose the brand to new audiences while giving organizations the opportunity to lay out their products in useful and original ways.

So, is it important to have a Facebook business page. Ultimately, it depends on how much attention, good or bad, you want. But as more people explore social media outlets like this and connect online, companies that want to spread their brand quickly will do well to market their brands in the same way.

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