The Many Types Of Websites And Their Purposes

The many types of websites and their purposes are very important to the overall structure of the Internet. The World Wide Web would be a rather boring universe of information if every website looked and acted the same. It would be rather difficult for businesses and individuals to make their websites as unique as they need them to be in order to convey the message they wish to convey.

The first type of website is the brochure site. The information that is found within the pages is a lot like what is found in a brochure. They can be search engine optimized, but their impact may be rather small. This type of website is rather quick to put together as well.

The second type is the flash website, which allows music, video, and animation. Different fonts and images may be used. In other words, this type of website allows for a lot of flexibility and interactive options for visitors. The site can be optimized, especially when there is a mix of Flash and HTML, which is the recommended website type. Flash alone is not well indexed by search engines.

There are also content management systems, or CMSs, that website owners tend to enjoy because once their site is built, they are able to implement changes on their own. Changes can be made easily in Microsoft Word and then they can automatically be changed into HTML, which is the language of the web. Searchable databases can be added and so much more so that the content on the page is always changing.

Also in regards to CMS, there are pre-built websites that are able to be easily converted into a functional site for a business. This type, however, does not always include flash animation, but can still be optimized with proper landing page content. The pre-built can also help avoid development costs for those on a budget. This can be the ideal way to build a functional and attractive website quickly, but can be time consuming.

The fourth type is the eCommerce site, which is for those businesses wishing to sell online. This means having a site with plenty of content and optimization, especially in product descriptions, and having a functional store with a shopping cart and secure checkout system. There are some pre-built versions of eCommerce websites, but there may be some issues with invoices and other forms of reporting. This depends upon the needs of the client.

Another aspect of eCommerce sites is that it is likely that an eCommerce package will have to be purchased in order to ensure streamlined functionality. There are many packages that are available, so it is best to compare them to see which will meet specific needs.

It is best to decide which one amongst the many types of websites and their purposes will meet needs. That way a specific need can be met. Choosing the right option can mean great profits, while the wrong one can mean losing out on potential profits that could be gained by a hungry market.

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