Introduction To The Different Web Browsers And How They Influence Web Designing

Whatever you do on the internet as long as you are connected to the outside world you will be using a browser of some description to view the web pages. To put it simply a web browser translates the HTML code into a viewable web page. The two most common browsers being used today are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Fire Fox which has become popular amongst web designers in Malaysia. Here is an Introduction to the different web browsers and how they influence web designing.

The Mac which is a slightly different operating system still uses browsers, but they are adapted to work on the Macintosh. One of the most popular ones on the Mac at the moment is Safari although there are versions of Fire Fox available. People have different preferences to what they use even though some are faster than others.

Each web browsing page might view web pages in a slightly different way, what might look like the perfect design in one browser might show up with defects in another. It is up to the web designer to consider this when designing the web pages and they might even establish which browser the target audience is using for that particular web site.

Whether you are a web designer from Malaysia or India it will make no difference to your end result of web page display, although the tools and software you use might be different you will arrive at the same destination. What is important is the type of font, page design and pictures you use; these are the most common things that are affected by the different web browsers.

The font is the most effected design aspect through the different web browsing, more complex fonts might not be supported by certain browsers and can cause problems when they try to display them. When you look at web pages you will notice that they are designed in basic fonts it is because they are the most compatible with a wider range of browsers.

When a browsing page changes a font on a web page it can have devastating effects on its design. Every type font takes up a certain amount of space, when that space changes it can make everything else on the page shift. Even the smallest shift could put a picture in the wrong place or a table in the wrong alignment.

People looking for information on the internet quickly will often just scan documents. It is common knowledge amongst web designers how people do this and is the reason you will nearly always find a website logo in the top left corner. When a web browser misaligns the information on a web page it might not end up where the designer intended causing the viewer to miss it.

Download time of a web page is equally important as to how the information is displayed. It normally takes around 5 seconds before potential viewer losses their patience and clicks away from the site. The most common problem for slow download times is pictures;

it is up to the designer to make sure the pictures are compatible. A good web designer will always test their website across a varied number of browsers to find the best compatibility to suite the target audience.

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