Features To Consider When Web Designing A Membership Portal

A portal is a technological entity that, as the term denotes, functions as a gateway to a company or service provider. When you search for some information or products on the Internet, sometimes you will need to "step through" a portal to gain access or more information on a product. You can get access to several search engines and links to other websites and information services. There are also several membership portals which make money online by membership fees as well. Creating a membership portal is certainly one way to make money online but it needs a bit of forethought put into it.

Some of the features required for a membership portal site

One fundamental thought or principle that drives a membership portal is the degree of interactivity that needs to be supplied. Designing a membership portal must therefore begin with the process of signing up. The longer and more tedious the process, the higher the number of people that will opt out or stop midway through of the signing up process. Ideally, the method to sign up must be as simple as possible, available in multiple languages, offer live chat support and assure the person who is signing up with complete privacy.

Creating a highly member oriented experience is also essential to create a membership portal. For instance, there can be a quick guide or online support that will go a long way in making the registration process simple.

Next comes the need to maintain comprehensive and updated database. The whole aim of creating a membership portal is that you will have "captive" audience who will expect great support for the fees that they may have paid or the registration that they have gone through. Therefore, constant emails and delivering customized or relevant information to each member will go a long way in retaining the customers and giving them the best service possible.

You can also invest in membership management software. Many leading software manufacturers have come up with software that helps you manage all the registered members with complete assurance of security, reliability and simplicity. This is a good idea especially when you have garnered a huge number of members. The software offers low costs of ownership and professional management of members and their information.

There are a few "off the shelf" options for building a membership portal as well. Such tools enable different abilities like being able to trickle content on the member rather than flooding him with the same. Depending on the kind of content that you have on your website, you can use options that fit in neatly with the overall look and feel of your website.

You can also choose add-ons, like banners, ticker tapes and advertisements. The last category will also help you make money online. More importantly, it will help generate members by urging casual visitors to sign up for more information. For instance, if a browser on the internet visits your website in passing and is attracted by a banner that exhorts him to sign up to get to know more then it will be a point of attraction for him.

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