Factors to Consider When Starting a Dropship Ecommerce Business

A dropship business, also known as drop shipping, is a modern invention driven by the advancements in communications technology. It refers to a business, which relies on simply putting the seller and the buyer together. A dropship company typically does not hold any stocks, but when it receives an order from a buyer, it transfers the same to a vendor or a manufacturer who ships the product to the customer. The revenues for such dropship companies come from areas, like commissions on sales and differences in wholesale and retail pricing. As far as ecommerce Malaysia goes, drop shipping is a burgeoning business indeed.

How to start a dropship business:
On the face of it, starting a dropship company sounds immensely easy. Since there is no concept of stocks being held physically by the dropship company, it should be simple enough to get into such a retail business. However, it is a complex business to the extent that it needs good supply chain management skills. Here are a few factors you can keep in mind to start an ecommerce dropship company:

If you are a beginner in this sector, it would be best to partner up with a solid company, which has great products. Suppliers of products need to be able to deliver good quality products that deliver on the promises they make. Have a good selection that consists of quality products that have a market. It could be as wide a range as possible from stationery, crafts, handmade items, electronic parts, niche products, like specific components for IT goods, and so on. In the cyber world, you need to make a place for yourself and stand out as a company that has unique and useful products. It is extremely important to protect your business from partners, who are either selling fraudulent products or are incapable of meeting customer requirements.

Setting up the account:
For a successful business, it is necessary to set up an interactive account with the supplier and the customer. The customer should be able to see all relevant details of the product including images, specifications, prices, colours, options for patterns (if applicable) and so on. You will also need a tax ID and a license to practice business in the e-commerce world. You can use existing online sites or create one of your own but one of the keys to a successful dropship business is to give as much detail of the products as possible. Online auction sites are a- plenty and choosing from one of them is not going to be much of a bother.

Supply chain management:
It is important to pay attention to aspects like product listings, stock position, delivery time, payments and feedback from customers as well. A dropship company can be successful only with all these factors in place. Drop shipping typically conducts business all over the world. So your customer may be in Paris, the product may be in India and you may be in London. Bringing together a cost effective and efficient supply chain system will mark your company as a success.

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