Find Out What Are Blue Hat And Green Hat SEO

While it would be foolish to discount the importance of good web design it is as well important to remember that only concerted web marketing will lead to attaining a high ranking by search engines. The emergence of even more innovative Blue Hat and Green Hat SEO techniques have led to even greater accessibility for web entrepreneurs of a l shades and colors. However, the two concepts still retain a measure of mystery to a large part of the online cloud.

While it would be a wonder for anyone with an online offer to be unfamiliar with White Hat and Black Hat approaches to search Engine Optimization, the concept of Blue and Green Hat approaches are relatively more recent. White Hat techniques largely represent all the methods that lead to increased organic traffic to your website without bending the rules set for ranking websites. Black Hat approaches are however meant to to explicitly bend the rules without regard to fairness in attaining a higher rank. If discovered, there is a likelihood that your website will be blacklisted on major search engines.

Any website design approach that does not factor in innovative approaches to attaining higher ranking will ultimately fail. In the light of newer ways to attain visibility online, one needs to incorporate a number of innovative online marketing approaches. The level of invention witnessed over the past couple of years has led to an emergence of newer approaches christened with a number of whimsically named colours. Thus it is possible today to get techniques referred to as pink, yellow, blue and even red hat SEO approaches.

In the early days of the web and the first search engines, it was virtually a wild jungle with very little in the ways of fairness. Soon however, rules were set and this gave rise to the traditional concept of black and white hat SEO.This is however insufficient to describe the exact situation as it exists in the present world. While White Hat approaches worked sufficiently well in attaining a high SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank, this was soon made impossible with everyone employing the techniques. This is where Blue Hat techniques arose.

To understand the place of the innovative promotion techniques, one only needs to consider that Google uses well over 200 algorithms in evaluating and ranking websites. By making judicious use of Blue Hat techniques, one can take advantage of these rules without bending any of them. These tricks are therefore effective and perfectly legal.

There is perhaps no other method of Blue Hat SEO that has as much effect as article marketing. In effect, it is a technique that enables a web designer popularize their site without compromising on the rules laid down by search engine operators. It is also common to find web enthusiasts who make effective use of free content download sites to upload content that is then downloaded by users all over the web. There is as well increased use of Link Trains and Link wheels, all recognized as legitimate Blue Hat SEO approaches.

Just as common are a variety of Green Hat SEO techniques. These are not so much about getting as many backlinks as possible as much as it is about getting quality backlinks. It is an open secret that search engines place a lot more importance to links by websites with a high PageRank. Getting references from those sites is called milking PageRank juice and forms the main basis of Green Hat SEO.

Admittedly, you need to start off with a good website design before embarking on marketing it on the web. To ensure you get a good PageRank, the traditional SEO techniques no longer deliver the desired results. It is only through judicious use of Blue Hat and Green Hat SEO approaches that one can be sure to attain a reputation online.

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