How To Create A Good Site Map In The Web Design Process

Navigating a website is one thing that should be capable of being done easily. Making it easy for the user to find information on your website is not only going to enhance his experience of his browsing your site but also get him to actually buy your products and even recommend it to people he knows. So what are the characteristics of a site map?

Features of a site map
As website designing goes, a site map is a compilation or list of pages pertaining to a website. It is the planning component of web design tools go and a very important component at that. It will explain the content of the pages of the website in such a manner so as to make it easier for the user to find whatever information he is seeking. It needs to be accessible as well being well organized for a site map that is not immediately visible to the user is no good to the company as well. It is recommended to have a site map for every website simply because it helps the user sort through information as quickly as he wants to. The difference between a site map and a site index lies in their content. A site index will simply list out the content, whereas a site map will give a description of the content as well.

Why have a site map or the uses of a site map
One of the uses of a site map lies in the field of SEO or search engine optimization. One critical factor in website designing is to make it visible to as many people as possible. One of the ways in which to make your website visible is to use SEO. For instance, if you were to use Google sitemaps then the usefulness of a site map will become apparent. A site map is also a good way to let the visitor know how content is categorized or grouped within the website. So building a site map definitely is one of the ways in which a better website can be created.

What are some of the tools to use for creating a site map
There are plenty of web design tools and some of them find direct application in building a good site map. Depending on the type of website you have and the type of site map that you want to create, you can use quite a few tools to do so. One example of such a tool is which can help you create different types of site maps namely Text, ROR, XML or HTML. Each type has a distinct use and advantage. For instance, an XML site map can help in SEO and an HTML site map will make for easier navigation.

You can also use Google support to create site maps for specific websites. For instance, you can have site maps for video, news and mobile or even one for code search.

WriteMaps is another tool that is a web based tool that will help in creating a site map. It offers an easy to follow and creative work process and a unique URL for each site map as well. This is best suited for smaller websites.

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