Considering Web 3 Point 0 For Ecommerce Web Development

Electronic commerce has become rather common place with the growth and adoption of the Internet. There is practically no limit to what you can trade in or buy and sell on the Internet. Ecommerce, as it is more popularly known, draws on the fact that a company can use a website and associated technologies, like Internet banking or funds transfer, and support systems, like supply chain management, logistics control and even inventory management, to operate an online business. In all these operations, one's website is the critical factor or mainstay of ecommerce operations and, therefore, using the latest and the best technology to keep it operational and effective is a must. Thus, considering Web 3.0 for ecommerce web development is quickly becoming a critical factor and many an ecommerce Malaysia company is adopting the same.

What is Web 3.0?
The evolution of web has seen it growing from Web 1.0 to 2.0 and now 3.0. Very simply put, the number refers to the way in which websites are created and the level or degree of interactivity they provide to visitors. Web 3.0 is a technology of the very near future and will define the way in which companies manage their website and online information. The scale of progress that Web 3.0 represents over its predecessors can be understood easily by the fact that it will revolve around the meaning of data or the semantic of data and hugely customized or personalized internet use. Web 1.0 was all about extremely websites which enabled the user to only read the content.

Why is it important?
Web 3.0 is likely to change the way the internet works and the way companies create their websites. This, by itself, defines the importance of this paradigm shift. Web 3.0 is a "shape shifter" as far as web technology goes. It is being hailed as the new standard for artificial intelligence. For instance, people use social networking on a regular basis and this can be the next source for business data or market research data. Web 3.0 is also more likely to give you the semantic of data which is far more useful than raw or uncategorized data. With the computer or smartphone or other smart device being used universally, Web 3.0 will enable information search in a seamless fashion.

How to consider it in ecommerce
Web 3.0 is likely to be a big consideration in online marketing, which is the keystone to ecommerce. Online shopping experience needs a huge amount of interactivity or conversations between the seller and the buyer. Images of the products, individual specifications, customizations, supply chain management from the raw materials to the doorstep of the customer and so on need to be hugely relevant needs.

Many companies of ecommerce Malaysia are also gearing up for the use of Web 3.0 as a 'personal assistant'. When people browse the websites, this technology will help remember their preferences and point them to the products and services that it thinks is relevant. Thus, for an ecommerce company, knowledge of how shoppers browse the net and how the technology will steer them through the website is critical.

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