How to Search For Niche And Lucrative Keywords

All of us are familiar with the power of the internet. Like a multi-headed organism, the internet can be many things to many people. It can be a business agility tool, a source of almost all information in the world, social networking, market research and ecommerce. One element that has become critical in an online world is search engine marketing or search engine optimization or SEO. With structured and well-crafted SEO strategies, a company can make the most and best use of the internet and ensure high visibility for its products and services. Within the concept of SEO, lies the aspect of keywords. Optimizing for the right keywords will ensure that when such keywords are used by the person looking for information, the search results will lead him to your own website.

Thus, searching for potentially lucrative keywords is important.

Why targeted keywords are important?
Finding the perfect keywords or keyword can be done only after a thorough analysis of how people search for products and services online. Using search engine results or search engine marketing and the importance of targeting the right keywords can be illustrated with a small example. Let us assume that you are a florist, in Las Vegas, dedicated for wedding flower arrangements. Now instead of optimizing your SEO activities around the keywords "flower arrangements" or "florists" or even "flower displays" which are rather generic try something more specific. Examples of such targeted keywords could be "florists for weddings" or even "florists in Las Vegas for wedding events" and so on. This will ensure that people have an easier time finding you in the hugely crowded space of the internet.

Therefore, it is critical to target the right kind of keyword. Which begs the question - how does one find niche and lucrative keywords?

Tips to find profitable keywords
The very first thing to do is to assess and interpret your website and your business extremely correctly. Come up with words or keywords that describe this business extremely correctly. There is a difference between being "a florist" and being "a Las Vegas florist for weddings". It is always a better idea to make it a niche keyword rather than a generic one.

Next, identify the online behavior or search patterns of people. For instance, if your website has a section dedicated to advice on choosing flower arrangements for a wedding, you may like to create an SEO strategy around the keyword "how to choose flowers for a wedding".

Populate your website with the right number of keywords. Once you have chosen the right or niche keywords, it is important to back up the same by populating or building in a healthy number of times that the keyword is repeated on the website. It is important not to overdo the keywords for this will take away from the website and probably even attract "penalties" by way of Google Dance and so on.

Placement of keywords is also important. Once you have identified such important keywords, try and place them in strategic locations like the headings of your website, the first two paragraphs or pages of your websites. You could even think of creating a domain name with the keywords. For instance, "" may have a better search result.

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