Popular Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

It is the age of the internet in a big way! This technology has transformed the world in almost every way. One of the biggest fallouts of this technology is the growth of social networking. Who would have ever thought that something called Facebook would make it amazingly easy to keep in touch with several hundred people? It is as easy as opening an account with this social networking giant and connecting with long lost friends and sharing news, photographs and other interests with many friends. For the corporate sector, Facebook holds the promise of being able to connect with burgeoning markets in multiple ways. This promise has led to the growth of the term 'F-commerce' or Facebook Commerce.

However, social networking marketing is not as easy as personal networking. A business entity cannot simply open an account on Facebook or FB as it is sometimes known and wait for sales revenues to pour in. F-commerce is all about knowing how to use and leverage Facebook to enhance markets, sales, business intelligence and corporate visibility. Facebook marketing is also fraught with some pitfalls and here is how you can avoid some of the most important ones.

Not having a strategy
It is easy to take the informal world of FB lightly but if a business is entering this world with a view to enhance business then it must have a marketing strategy. This is akin to a marketing strategy that the company would put together in the conventional world. Investments, strategies, brand images and promotion material - all of it have to be decided for Facebook marketing as well. It is also extremely important to have a professional and business oriented account on Facebook.

Hiring the right person
Even though Facebook may be the world of the young or at least perceived to be so, you should not hire a young person who has no grip on marketing and its many facets. Your marketing team must consist of experts in social marketing and this team should approach F-commerce with the seriousness and thought that it deserves.

Not being adequately interactive
F-commerce means that you are constantly in the interactive mode. Social networking marketing never sleeps. So it is important for someone from your company to monitor the account on Facebook and check what people are saying on your wall and using that information to formulate an interactive and proactive policy.

Ignoring the content
It is also important to not just pay attention to the content on your Facebook account but keep it updated as well. You can also provide links to your website, other supplemental information and sources of information that may help the user in any way possible. For instance, if you are a florist then you could provide links to other websites or share links to other websites which give information on various flowers and how they are grown or used in floral displays.

The quality and quantity of content
Sometimes a business makes the mistake of ignoring the volume and the nature of the content posted on their Facebook page. This is a mistake to be avoided. Relevant messages and unique content will help you make the difference.

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