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Domain Registration Hot Tips

We live in the world of internet and with computers invading our bedrooms it can be said that they have become an integral part of our life. While it can be called as a necessity, it has also become a tool to provide recreation, earn revenue....

2013 and 2014 Web Design and Internet Advertising Trends

Technology and the World Wide Web are constantly changing and evolving. Before you realize it, there is a new trend in the market and webmasters begin following this trend. The same is true for 2013 and 2014 web design and Internet advertising trends......

New regulations for e-commerce business: Are you ready, or risking huge fines?

Do you know that starting from 1 July 2013, all businesses and services conducted online will have to comply with the Consumer Protection (Electronic Trade Transactions) Regulations 2012......

Google Analytics Tips and Benefits

Google Analytics is a powerful tracking and monitoring tool offered by Google. It can generate in-depth statistics about traffic and traffic sources of a website, and it can also measure conversion and sales.....

The Art of Link Baiting

Link bait refers to any content or feature in a website that is specifically designed to encourage other websites to link to it. The content or feature can be in the form of text, images, audio clip or video clip.....

Google Panda and Google Penguin

...Google Panda and Google Penguin are causing a lot of debate in the cyber world and more specifically in the SEO world. Actually, Google Panda was named after its creator Navneet Panda, but is shaking up the internet world in a big way.....

What is HTML5?

...HTML5 is capable of changing the way the Internet looks and behaves. Its usefulness and importance can be ascertained by the fact that companies, like Google and Apple, have professed support for it in a big way. There are a few important areas in which HTML5 will make its presence felt in a big way: ....

Comparing Magento and OScommerce

...Magento is an open source ecommerce application that has been developed by Magento Inc. osCommerce is also an ecommerce software that has been developed by Harald Ponce de Leon. The two ecommerce platforms can be compared across a few important features. Both of them enable the creation of effective and successful web stores....

All about F-commerce

...Big names in the business like Starbucks, Disney, Procter and Gamble, Coca Cola have used Facebook to sell directly to more than 20 million fans or followers on Facebook. Coca Cola has 24 million and Disney has 19 million fans. Rachel Roy opened a Facebook jewelry store and within 6 hours all wares were sold out. In terms of online expenditure, Facebook users spend 1.5 times more than other internet shoppers. ....

Google Dance and Google Sand Box

...So maybe it is not too surprising to hear about people asking each other about what is the latest on Dance. And even wondering whether a website has been sandboxed! Both these terms are associated with Google - Google Dance and Google Sandbox - and here's taking a closer look at them:....

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Ecommerce | Make Money Online and Niche Marketing | Portal and Site Tools | SEO and SEM | Social Media | Web Design | Web Hosting and Domains


     Factors to Consider When Starting a Dropship Ecommerce Business
     A Look At Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques For ECommerce Shopping Cart Sites
     Considering Web 3 Point 0 For Ecommerce Web Development
     Key Considerations While Web Designing An ECommerce Site

Make Money Online and Niche Marketing

     Does Google Adwords Work Well?
     Online Marketing Methods
     How to Search For Niche And Lucrative Keywords
     How The Internet Guru Can Help Your Website Increase Its Online Sales
     An Essential Guide To Differentiating The Real Internet Gurus From The Phonies
     Considering Web Design As A Professional Line Or Hobby
     Maximizing Profits Through Blogging
     Why Everyone Needs To Be An Internet Guru Of His Own Niche
     What Internet Gurus Say About Online Niche Markets

Portal and Site Tools

     Classic Features To Consider When Web Designing A Membership Portal


     Reasons Why Some Believe That Search Engine Optimization, a.k.a. SEO Is A Scam
     What Are Blue and Green Hat SEO
     Six Ways How To Use Google Adwords Effectively
     Content gathering to make website relevant for site visitors and Search Engines
     Google Adwords or Yahoo Pay Per Click
     How To Consider Effective SEO In Web Designing?
     How Does Article Spinning Work And Are They Effective?
     Why RSS Is Important For Website Traffic
     Why Black Hat SEO Is Bad And The Different Forms Of It
     Comparing SEO Versus PPC

Social Media

     Effective Facebook Marketing Tips
     Popular Facebook Marketing Mistakes That Must Be Avoided
     Discover How To Capitalize In The Growing Social Networking Climate
     Is It Important To Have A Facebook Business Page?

Web Design

     Flash: To Use It or Not to Use It for Your Website Design
     The Race between the Browsers, IE, Firefox and Google Chrome
     Choosing a Good and Reliable Web Designer
     Seven Factors to Consider When Revamping Your Website
     What Makes a Good Blog Site
     How to create a good Site Map in the Web Design process
     Avoiding Common Web Design Mistakes
     Advantages and Disadvantages of using CSS in Web Design
     How Is The Internet Guru Different From The Web Designer?
     Advantages And Disadvantages Of Template Web Design
     The Many Types Of Websites And Their Purposes
     Different Web Browsers And How They Influence Web Designing
     Creative Ideas On Logo Designing
     Pros And Cons Of Flash Animation For A Website
     Inspiring Tips To Effective Web Design And Display
     Current Web Design Trends And Theme Choices
     Effective Web Design Strategies
     Why Good Website Design Is So Important

Web Hosting and Domains

     Can We Really Profit From Buying And Selling Domains
     The Different Types Of Hosting
     How To Select A Good Hosting Package

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